What is the difference between Class A, Class B and Class Extra truffles?

Class A includes truffles more than 15 or 20 grams each depending on the variety of truffle requested mainly round-shaped pieces at the correct maturity point. 

Class B includes truffles of less than 15 or 20 grams each depending on the variety of truffle requested as well as slightly damaged pieces of larger truffles, at the correct maturity point.

Class Extra truffles, are extra large mainly round-shaped pieces at the correct maturity point. They weight 100gr and more per piece.


Can I order more than 2kg of fresh truffles?

Yes, by emailing us at adding any special request on the placed order.


How do I preserve fresh truffles?

Wrap the fresh truffle in a natural fabric (cotton or linen towel can be used).
Place in a dry, sealed container preferably a glass jar. Keep the container in the refrigerator (+2 to +5 C. degrees) avoiding the cooler areas of the fridge.
Clean thoroughly using cold water and a soft brush before consuming. 


How can I avoid extra shipping charges?

Minimum volume of your package results in minimum shipping charges.

Thus, avoid adding to your cart small amounts of fresh truffle with additional quantity and try selecting instead the total amount of fresh truffle you wish up to 1000g in each Class.

If you wish your truffle to be packaged in sub-quantities (e.g: 500g tot. weight  packaged in smaller containers of 250g each) just add it as a comment in the

"Special instructions for seller" box at your Cart. 


A product is out of stock. How long before restocking?

We update our stock regularly in order to manage the demand better. 
So be sure to check back within a couple of days or just hit the "Notify me" button on the product page and we'll send you an email as soon as it is back in stock.




Why can't I get the shipping rates?

Please check that your shipping details are correct. Look out for the Postal Code which should be in the correct format (without extra characters).