Tuber Borchii (Bianchetto) / White Spring Truffle

Tuber Borchii (Bianchetto) / White Spring Truffle

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Bianchetto, White Spring Truffle

Α  truffle presenting many similarities with the precious t. magnatum, but it remains without a doubt an inferior species. T. Borchii is a rather common variety and its average size is generally small. It originates in all the pre-mentioned truffle productive countries, as well as in Greece, Cyprus and Albania. 

It can be easily cultivated, since it is a spectacularly extensive and adaptable fungus, with rather small requirements concerning the soil composition.

Has an impulse garlicky and nutty aroma. 

The flesh of the truffle (gleba) has a characteristic brown -reddish color with fairly wide and few whitish veins while the external part (peridio) is smooth and sensible ochre, yellow to reddish coloured. 

Fructification: Mid December - April

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